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"They've got devices starting at just $72, and thousands of people say they're better than their $5,000 hearing aids. Is Rite Hearing the best hearing tech on the market?"

Donald Joseph / June 16, 2024

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Real Stories, Real Impact

“I never thought I'd hear my grandchildren this clearly again.” - Pat, a grandparent of 8

Pat, a grandparent of 8, spent years having trouble hearing. Talking with family was hard, and Pat often felt left out during gatherings. Missing the laughter of grandchildren and the sounds of daily life was very sad.

Pat's doctor said Pat needed hearing aids, but they were very expensive. The doctor said they would cost $4000, which Pat couldn't afford.

Pat felt hopeless and thought life would be quiet and lonely.

But then, a friend told Pat about Rite Hearing Aids. Pat was unsure but decided to try them. To Pat’s surprise, the hearing aids worked right away and sounded very clear.

Suddenly, Pat could hear everything again – the laughter of grandchildren, the rustling of leaves, and the conversations. Pat's life changed in an instant.

The best part? These hearing aids cost only a small fraction of the $4000 ones the doctor suggested.

Pat’s story is not unique. Many people are rediscovering the joys of hearing thanks to Rite Hearing Aids.

Why Hearing Matters

Hearing loss affects over 500 million people worldwide.

If you're feeling alone with your hearing loss, you’re not. Modern life has a lot of loud noises that can hurt your hearing.

Your hearing is precious.

It helps you connect with your loved ones and is important for your brain. Research from Johns Hopkins shows that hearing loss can increase the risk of Alzheimer's, dementia, and depression. It can even affect your balance, making falls more likely.

For your life, your loved ones, and your brain, keeping your hearing healthy is very important.

Recognize the Signs

You CAN improve your hearing.

It may seem like all hope is lost, but don't worry. There is help out there to improve your hearing and protect your brain.

Here are a few signs of hearing loss:

  • You have to keep the TV or radio volume up very high
  • Your spouse, friends, or family say you ask them to repeat themselves
  • You don’t notice the “little” sounds like the wind blowing, the rustling of leaves, the birds chirping
  • You often “tune out” of conversations because you miss words or struggle to follow along
  • You feel left out and struggle to talk in groups (especially in loud places)
  • You visit friends, relatives, or neighbors less often because talking is hard

If one or more of these signs apply to you, you may have hearing loss.

It can be tough to accept this, but taking steps to find a solution can really improve your hearing and your life. It’s important to act now - waiting will only make things worse.

Affordable Hearing Solutions

Introducing Rite Hearing Aids – Affordable Hearing Technology for Everyone!

Millions of Americans have hearing loss, but only a few use hearing aids. Why? The cost.

Traditional hearing aids cost over $4,600 per pair. For many, this price is too high.

But here's the good news.

Rite Hearing Aids offers a solution. With the FDA now allowing Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids, affordable options are available.

Rite Hearing is changing the game by offering advanced hearing technology at a much lower price than big brands.

Affordable Breakthrough – Rite Hearing Aids

Rite Hearing has a new, affordable, rechargeable hearing aid.

Retailing at just $72 for a single and $149 for a pair, these hearing aids are full of great features and are a good value.

They are easy to use and work right out of the box. No complicated setup needed. Just clear sound from the moment you put them on.

Key Features

  • Doctor Designed, Audiologist Tested: Top quality and performance.
  • World-Class Technology: Advanced features in a small design.
  • Rechargeable: No need for batteries. Use the convenient charging case.
  • Nearly Invisible: Discreet, comfortable in-ear design.
  • Advanced Noise Reduction: Focus on conversations, not background noise.
  • User-Adjustable Volume: Customize the sound for any place.
  • FDA-Registered: Trusted, safe, and effective OTC hearing aids.
  • Background Noise Reduction and Feedback Cancellation: Clear and uninterrupted hearing.
  • All-Day Comfort: Flexible silicone tips for a snug fit.
  • Simple Controls: Easy sound adjustments at your fingertips.

All this for a price that seems too good to be true. But it’s real.

How is Rite Hearing So Affordable?

Rite Hearing cuts out the middlemen.

They make and sell hearing aids directly to you, saving you time and money.

No sales reps, no retail markups, no expensive doctor visits.

Just high-quality hearing aids delivered to your door.

How Do Rite Hearing Aids Work?

Rite Hearing focused on simplicity and effectiveness.

  1. Choose Your Mode & Volume: Start with a low volume and adjust as needed.
  2. Ensure a Comfortable Fit: Select the ear tip that fits best.
  3. Turn On and Enjoy: Insert the hearing aid and experience clear sound.

It's that simple. Start hearing the world again.

Are Rite Hearing Aids Right for You?

Wondering if they’ll work for you? Here are some signs you’d benefit from Rite Hearing Aids:

  • You keep the TV volume up high.
  • You ask people to repeat themselves often.
  • You miss the sounds of nature.
  • You tune out of conversations.
  • You struggle to talk in noisy places.
  • You hear ringing in your ears.
  • You can't afford traditional hearing aids.

If any of these apply, Rite Hearing Aids are perfect for you.

Try Rite Hearing Aids Risk-Free!

Rediscover the joy of hearing with Rite Hearing Aids.

  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Try risk-free. Full refund if not satisfied.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Peace of mind with a full year of coverage.
  • Lifetime Support: Ongoing help whenever you need it.

Don’t wait – order now and experience the joy of clear hearing today.


Rediscover the joy of hearing and deep, meaningful communication with your loved ones. Try them completely risk-free for 100 days or your money back.



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Check availability now and secure your pair before they're all sold out.

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How are Rite Hearing Aids so affordable?

Rite Hearing has streamlined the traditional process by cutting out the middlemen and selling their hearing devices directly from the factory to you, the customer. By eliminating the expenses of audiologists, brick-and-mortar overheads, sales reps, and other intermediaries, they're able to offer a powerful device at an incredibly competitive price.

Do I need a hearing test?

It’s never a bad idea to have your hearing checked, but you don’t need one to try Rite Hearing Aids. Simply place your order online, and you'll have your new hearing aids delivered to your doorstep, ready to wear straight out of the box!

Will these work for me?

Most people find success with Rite Hearing devices. However, to give you peace of mind, there's a 100-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try them risk-free and with complete confidence.

Will Rite Hearing Aids fit my ears?

They have a patented, small design that's tailored for comfort. While being remarkably small, it ensures a snug fit and delivers great sound. Plus, with multiple ear tip options, you can find the perfect fit for your unique ear shape.

Are these as good as $5000 prescription hearing aids?

While Rite Hearing Aids might not have all the extras of expensive prescription aids, they cover all the essential needs for improved hearing — at a fraction of the cost. And if, for any reason, you're not satisfied, you can always return them for a full refund and then consider other, pricier alternatives.


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Questions & Answers

Do I need a hearing test?

Not at all! Our devices are configured for the most common types of hearing loss right of out the box - they're also very easily adjustable (as shown in the user manual). Generally, they work for most of our customers as is. If your hearing loss isn't as common and our device isn't the right solution for you, no worries - let us know within 100 days of receiving your hearing aids and we will refund you in full as part of our "Restore Your Hearing Guarantee"

Are RiteHearing aids FDA approved?

RiteHearing aids are FDA-registered, Class I. This means they are considered to have the least amount of risk and are safe for use. Other hearing aids with a higher classification have potential risks including an over-amplification of sound and a ringing in the ears (also known as tinnitus).

Will these fit my ears?

We include a variety of sized earbuds with your order, allowing you to find your perfect fit. If the provided ear buds don't fit, let us know and we'll send more sizes!

Is Rite rechargeable?

We offer both rechargeable as well as replaceble batteries! If you select rechargeable, your hearing aids will come with a charging dock. Our hearing aids can reach a full charge in as little a 4 hours and you can expect up to 2 days of continuous use on a single charge.

Do these help with tinnitus?

Our heaing aids definitely help with tinnitus! It's not a cure, but our hearing aids boosts the sound around you to help overcome the sound of tinnitus and make it less noticeable.

What if they don't work for me?

Hearing loss is complex and there isn't one perfect solution for everyone. We get it. That's why we offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 100 days of receiving it.

How are prices so low? What's the catch?

Did you know that two-thirds of the cost of most hearing aids is paying the salary of a doctor or audiologist? Doesn’t seem fair, does it? That's why we cut out the middle men and sales offices to offer you state of the art hearing aids at a fraction of what most companies charge. Now you can get premium and high end hearing aids without breaking the bank!